Scoring Summary


1stAlonso doubled to deep right, Lindor scored.10
1stMcNeil singled to center, Alonso scored, Vogelbach to second.20
1stCanha singled to right, Vogelbach scored, Naquin to second.30
3rdNaquin tripled to center, McNeil scored.40
3rdCanha singled to left, Naquin scored.50
3rdNimmo singled to shallow left center, Canha scored, Guillorme to second.60
5thNimmo grounded into fielder's choice to second, Guillorme scored, Mazeika out at second.70
5thStallings singled to center, Leblanc scored.71
6thSánchez grounded out to first, De La Cruz scored.72
6thLeblanc homered to left (395 feet).73
7thNimmo grounded into fielder's choice to first, Canha scored, Guillorme out at third.83
7thLindor singled to shallow right, Nimmo scored, Lindor to second.93
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