70-39, 29-24 away
60-48, 35-20 home

Scoring Summary

1stCarpenter hit sacrifice fly to right, LeMahieu scored.10
1stArenado singled to left, Carlson scored, Donovan to second.11
2ndHicks singled to left, Torres scored, Benintendi to second.21
2ndJudge singled to center, Benintendi scored and Hicks scored, Gonzalez to second.41
2ndCarlson doubled to center, DeJong scored, Molina to third.42
2ndGoldschmidt hit sacrifice fly to center, Molina scored.43
2ndArenado homered to left (405 feet), Carlson scored and Donovan scored.46
5thJudge doubled to deep center, Benintendi scored and Hicks scored, Trevino to third.66
5thDeJong doubled to deep right, Nootbaar scored.67
5thEdman singled to center, DeJong scored, Edman to second.68
5thGoldschmidt walked, Edman scored, Donovan to second, Carlson to third.69
6thTrevino singled to right, Donaldson scored, Hicks to second, Torres to third.79
6thGonzalez grounded into fielder's choice to second, Torres scored, Trevino out at second, Hicks to third.89
8thDeJong homered to left (387 feet), Arenado scored and O'Neill scored.812
9thLeMahieu homered to left (395 feet).912