Scoring Summary


3rdWitt Jr. singled to left, Isbel scored, Melendez to second.01
6thAbreu scored and Moncada scored on error, Sheets safe at first on fielding error by second baseman Massey, Grandal safe at third on error.21
6thHarrison singled to left, Grandal scored, Sheets to second.31
6thPerez doubled to deep right center, Witt Jr. scored.32
6thMassey singled to center, Perez scored, Dozier to third.33
7thMelendez homered to right (384 feet).34
8thIsbel singled to center, Eaton scored and Pratto scored.36
8thMelendez singled to right, Isbel scored.37
8thPerez singled to left, Melendez scored on error, Perez safe at second on throwing error by left fielder Vaughn, Witt Jr. safe at third on error.38
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