Scoring Summary


2ndDavis homered to right (394 feet).10
3rdSlater singled to right, Wynns scored and González scored on fielding error by right fielder Soto, Slater to third.30
3rdFlores singled to right center, Slater scored.40
3rdMachado doubled to left, Nola scored, Profar scored, Soto to third.42
3rdDrury singled to left, Soto scored, Bell to second, Machado to third.43
3rdCronenworth singled to right, Machado scored, Drury to second, Bell to third.44
3rdGrisham singled to right, Bell scored, Cronenworth to second, Drury to third.45
3rdNola grounded into fielder's choice to third, Drury scored, Grisham out at second, Cronenworth to third.46
6thEstrada hit sacrifice fly to left, Davis scored.56
6thWynns reached on infield single to first, Yastrzemski scored on throwing error by second baseman Cronenworth, Wynns to second.66
6thPederson singled to left, Wynns scored, González to second.76
6thDrury homered to left (387 feet), Machado scored and Bell scored.79
6thKim doubled to deep right center, Cronenworth scored.710
6thGrisham reached on infield single to first, Kim scored on throwing error by first baseman Belt.711
6thNola homered to left (391 feet), Grisham scored.713
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