61-53, 32-31 away
61-52, 35-23 home

Scoring Summary

1stRosario homered to center (422 feet).10
1stHernández doubled to deep right, Gurriel Jr. scored, Kirk to third.11
2ndHedges singled to center, Miller scored.21
4thHedges doubled to right, Freeman scored.31
5thNaylor singled to shallow right, Rosario scored.41
5thMiller doubled to deep right, Gonzalez scored.51
5thGuerrero Jr. grounded out to shortstop, Espinal scored, Gurriel Jr. to third.52
9thRosario singled to center, Kwan scored, Rosario to second.62
9thRamírez singled to center, Rosario scored.72