48-67, 24-33 away
39-79, 19-43 home

Scoring Summary

2ndVelazquez doubled to deep left, Reyes scored, Hoerner to third.10
4thHoerner doubled to left, Suzuki scored.20
4thHiggins singled to left center, Hoerner scored.30
6thReyes homered to right (418 feet).40
6thCruz hit sacrifice fly to center, Robles scored, Meneses to third.41
7thVargas singled to center, C. Hernández scored, Ruiz to second.42
8thVoit homered to left (413 feet).43
8thThomas homered to left (388 feet).44
10thContreras sacrificed into double play, left to third to second to third, Happ scored, Ortega thrown out at third.54
10thAbrams singled to right, Call scored, Abrams to second.55
11thWisdom doubled to left, Contreras scored.65
11thSuzuki singled to right center, Wisdom scored.75