Scoring Summary


2ndLeón sacrificed to pitcher, Urshela scored, Celestino to second.01
2ndArraez singled to center, Celestino scored, Arraez thrown out at second.02
4thCelestino homered to left (386 feet).03
7thKepler grounded into fielder's choice to second, Arráez scored, Miranda out at second, Buxton to third.04
7thUrshela singled to center, Buxton scored, Kepler to second.05
7thGordon doubled to right, Kepler scored, Urshela to third.06
8thMiranda singled to left, Arraez scored, Buxton to second.07
8thUrshela singled to right, Buxton scored, Kepler to third.08
8thGordon singled to left, Kepler scored, Urshela to second.09