Scoring Summary


1stMarte homered to center (418 feet).10
1stLindor homered to right (359 feet).20
2ndBaty homered to right (377 feet), Canha scored.40
3rdSwanson hit sacrifice fly to center, Grissom scored, Grossman to third.41
6thCanha doubled to left, McNeil scored.51
7thMarte homered to center (431 feet).61
7thGrissom grounded into fielder's choice to third, Rosario scored, Harris II out at second, Contreras to third.62
7thGrossman homered to right (366 feet), Contreras scored and Grissom scored.65
9thAlonso singled to center, Nimmo scored and Lindor scored.85
9thVogelbach doubled to deep right, Alonso scored.95
9thGrissom singled to left, Contreras scored and Harris II scored.97
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