77-45, 38-27 away
75-47, 42-23 home

Scoring Summary

5thPeña homered to right (385 feet).10
5thGrissom homered to left (386 feet).11
10thMeyers singled to left, Peña scored, McCormick to second.21
10thGurriel doubled to left, McCormick scored, Meyers to third.31
10thHarris II doubled to deep right center, Heredia scored.32
10thGrossman singled to right, Harris II scored.33
11thPeña grounded out to third, Bregman scored, Vázquez to second.43
11thOlson doubled to left, Swanson scored, Riley to third.44
11thd'Arnaud singled to right, Riley scored, Contreras to second, Olson to third.45