Scoring Summary

4thWitt Jr. homered to left (429 feet).01
6thPerdomo singled to left off a deflection by pitcher, McCarthy scored, Perdomo to second, Thomas to third.11
7thMcCarthy hit sacrifice fly to left, Marte scored, Varsho to second, Walker to third.21
8thMarte hit sacrifice fly to left, Thomas scored.31
8thWalker doubled to second, Rojas scored, Rivera to third.41
8thRivera scored, Walker to third on Weaver wild pitch.51
8thMelendez hit sacrifice fly to left, Lopez scored.52
8thPerez singled to left center, Witt Jr. scored.53
9thRojas singled to left, C. Kelly scored, Thomas to second.63
9thRivera hit a ground rule double to deep right, Thomas scored, Rojas to third.73