48-73, 22-37 away
68-55, 35-29 home

Scoring Summary

6thMoustakas singled to right, India scored, K. Farmer to second.10
6thAquino walked, K. Farmer scored, Solano to second, Moustakas to third.20
6thBarrero walked, Moustakas scored, Aquino to second, Solano to third.30
6thBohm singled to right, Sosa scored, Hoskins to second.31
6thRealmuto tripled to deep center, Hoskins scored and Bohm scored.33
6thCastellanos singled to left, Realmuto scored.34
7thVierling homered to left center (416 feet).35
8thAquino doubled to deep center, Lopez scored, Solano to third.45
9thFriedl tripled to deep center, Senzel scored and K. Farmer scored.65
9thStott doubled to deep right center, Segura scored on throwing error by center fielder Senzel, Stott to third.66
9thMaton singled to right, Stott scored.67