Scoring Summary


2ndHernández singled to center, Arroyo scored.01
3rdGurriel Jr. doubled to deep right center, Bradley Jr. scored.11
3rdHernández singled to center, Gurriel Jr. scored, Kirk to second.21
3rdChapman walked, Kirk scored, Bichette to second, Hernández to third.31
3rdBiggio singled to center, Bichette scored and Hernández scored, Chapman to third.51
3rdSpringer tripled to right, Chapman scored, Biggio scored and Bradley Jr. scored.81
7thBradley Jr. singled to right center, Bichette scored, Biggio to third.91
7thVerdugo grounded into fielder's choice to third, Cordero scored on throwing error by second baseman Biggio, Plawecki out at second.92
9thDevers singled to right, Plawecki scored, Refsnyder to third.93
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