48-74, 22-38 away
69-55, 36-29 home

Scoring Summary

2ndFairchild homered to center (410 feet).10
2ndVierling singled to left, Segura scored, Maton to second.11
2ndHoskins grounded into fielder's choice to second, Maton scored, Schwarber out at second, Vierling to third.12
3rdRealmuto homered to left (394 feet).13
3rdSchwarber walked, Stott scored, Vierling to second, Segura to third.14
3rdHoskins walked, Segura scored, Schwarber to second, Vierling to third.15
3rdBohm singled to right, Vierling scored, Hoskins to second, Schwarber to third.16
4thK. Farmer homered to left (369 feet).26
5thIndia doubled to deep center, Robinson scored.36
7thFriedl hit sacrifice fly to right, Barrero scored, Fraley to third.46
7thHoskins singled to shallow left, Vierling scored.47
8thLopez doubled to deep right, Aquino scored.57