Scoring Summary

1stLowe tripled to center, Seager scored, Lowe to third.10
1stTaveras singled to right, Lowe scored, Heim to third.20
2ndSeager doubled to deep left center, Duran scored and Thompson scored, Semien to third.40
2ndLowe singled to left, Semien scored, Seager to third.50
2ndGarcía reached on infield single to pitcher, Seager scored, Lowe to second.60
2ndMathias doubled to deep left center, Heim scored, Lowe scored and García scored.90
7thMcMahon hit sacrifice fly to center, Grichuk scored.91
7thBernard reached on infield single to shortstop, Montero scored, Serven to third.92
7thJoe singled to right, Serven scored, Bernard to third.93
7thBernard scored on Sborz wild pitch, Joe to second on wild pitch by Sborz.94
8thLowe homered to right (443 feet), Semien scored and Seager scored.124
9thDuran singled to center, Taveras scored, Mathias to third.134
9thThompson grounded into fielder's choice to third, Mathias scored, Duran out at second.144
9thCulberson homered to left (390 feet), Thompson scored.164