Scoring Summary


1stBichette doubled to deep right, Hernández scored and Guerrero Jr. scored.20
2ndMcGuire singled to right, Bogaerts scored, Arroyo to third.21
2ndDalbec singled to right, Arroyo scored, McGuire thrown out at third.22
3rdDevers doubled to deep right, Pham scored.23
4thGuerrero Jr. singled to right, Espinal scored and Jansen scored, Springer to third.43
4thDalbec hit sacrifice fly to left, Refsnyder scored, McGuire to second.44
6thJansen homered to left (388 feet).54
6thDuran doubled to left, Dalbec scored.55
10thSpringer grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Biggio scored.65
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