Scoring Summary

6thTaylor hit sacrifice fly to center, Smith scored.10
6thWendle doubled to right, Burdick scored and Rojas scored, Anderson to third.12
7thBetts homered to left (369 feet), Thompson scored.32
7thRojas singled to right, Williams scored, Berti to second, Bleday to third.33
7thWendle reached on infield single to catcher, Bleday scored, Rojas to second, Berti to third.34
9thBetts homered to left (380 feet).44
9thJ. Turner singled to center, Freeman scored, Muncy to second, Smith to third.54
9thBurdick homered to right center (405 feet).55
10thBetts doubled to deep left, Taylor scored, Bellinger to third.65
10thT. Turner singled to center, Bellinger scored, Betts to third.75
10thFreeman doubled to deep center, Betts scored, T. Turner to third.85
10thMuncy doubled to right, Freeman scored and T. Turner scored.105
10thBleday doubled to right, Wendle scored.106