Scoring Summary

1stBell singled to center, Machado scored, Bell to second, Drury to third.10
1stMyers doubled to right center, Bell scored and Drury scored.30
2ndProfar doubled to left, Azocar scored.40
3rdMyers homered to right (377 feet).50
3rdCronenworth homered to right (391 feet).60
3rdPerez singled to center, Lopez scored, Melendez to third.61
4thPratto homered to right (388 feet), Taylor scored.63
4thMelendez hit sacrifice fly to left, Waters scored.64
4thPerez singled to left, Lopez scored, Witt Jr. to second.65
6thKim singled to center, Nola scored, Azocar to second.75
7thCronenworth singled to right, Bell scored, Myers to third.85
7thNola hit sacrifice fly to center, Myers scored.95
7thKim doubled to left, Azocar scored and Cronenworth scored.115
9thKim homered to left (426 feet), Azocar scored.135