Scoring Summary


1stBáez singled to center, Reyes scored, Báez to second.10
1stW. Castro singled to right, Báez scored.20
1stLowe singled to center, Semien scored, Seager to third.21
2ndReyes hit sacrifice fly to center, Barnhart scored, Greene to third.31
2ndBáez reached on infield single to shortstop, Greene scored.41
5thHaase hit sacrifice fly to center, Reyes scored.51
6thCandelario homered to center (418 feet), H. Castro scored.71
8thShort hit sacrifice fly to center, Candelario scored.81
9thHaase homered to left (428 feet), Báez scored.101
9thCandelario grounded into fielder's choice to second, W. Castro scored, H. Castro out at second.111
9thGarcía homered to right (359 feet).112