Scoring Summary

1stMachado homered to left (350 feet).10
1stTaylor homered to left center (410 feet).11
1stRooker singled to center, Perez scored, Dozier to third.12
1stPratto grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Dozier scored, Rooker out at second.13
1stWaters doubled to deep left, Pratto scored.14
1stLopez singled to right, Waters scored.15
3rdMachado singled to left, Grisham scored, Soto to second.25
4thTaylor singled to shallow left, Lopez scored, Rivero to second.26
5thMachado homered to left (407 feet), Soto scored.46
6thPerez homered to left (415 feet), Witt Jr. scored.48
6thDozier scored on throwing error by catcher Campusano, Isbel stole third.49
7thSoto homered to right (417 feet), Profar scored.69
8thPratto doubled to deep right center, Massey scored and Dozier scored, Isbel to third.611
8thWaters singled to right, Isbel scored, Pratto to third.612
8thTaylor singled to center, Pratto scored and Waters scored, Rivero to third.614
8thWitt Jr. hit sacrifice fly to left, Rivero scored.615
9thBell singled to right center, Machado scored.715