Scoring Summary


2ndParedes homered to left (354 feet).10
3rdPeralta doubled to right, Margot scored.20
3rdCordero homered to right center (403 feet).21
4thParedes homered to left (390 feet), Arozarena scored.41
4thMartinez homered to center (410 feet).42
5thPeralta doubled to right, Margot scored.52
5thPham homered to center (399 feet).53
6thMargot hit sacrifice fly to left, Siri scored.63
6thRamírez singled to left, Díaz scored, Peralta to second.73
6thArozarena doubled to deep left, Peralta scored, Ramírez to third.83
7thBogaerts hit sacrifice fly to center, Dalbec scored, Pham to third.84
8thArozarena doubled to deep center, Peralta scored, Ramírez to third.94
8thWalls singled to left center, Arozarena scored and Ramírez scored, Paredes to third.114
8thSiri grounded into fielder's choice to pitcher, Paredes scored, Walls out at second.124
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