53-77, 21-40 away
63-66, 30-35 home

Scoring Summary

2ndPratto homered to center (437 feet).10
3rdPerez homered to right (372 feet), Taylor scored.30
4thPratto homered to right (375 feet).40
5thPerez singled to center, Witt Jr. scored.50
5thJiménez singled to center, Pollock scored, Abreu to second.51
5thSheets homered to right (361 feet), Abreu scored and Jiménez scored.54
6thTaylor singled to right center, Massey scored and Pratto scored, Waters to third.74
7thPratto hit a ground rule double to deep left center, O'Hearn scored, Dozier to third.84
7thJiménez homered to center (434 feet).85
8thTaylor homered to left (358 feet).95
9thSheets homered to right (373 feet), Abreu scored.97