70-62, 35-36 away
63-69, 36-34 home

Scoring Summary

1stCarroll singled to right, Rojas scored, Varsho to third.01
2ndCaratini doubled to left, Taylor scored and Ruiz scored.21
2ndVarsho hit sacrifice fly to right, Hummel scored, Perdomo to third.22
5thAdames scored on error, Hiura safe at first on fielding error by second baseman Rojas, Urías to second.32
5thVarsho homered to right center (418 feet).33
6thTaylor homered to right (370 feet).43
6thHummel doubled to deep center, Thomas scored.44
6thPerdomo singled to left center, Hummel scored.45
6thRojas singled to center, Perdomo scored.46
8thMcCutchen singled to left, Peterson scored.56
9thTellez homered to center (428 feet).66
10thTaylor homered to left center (428 feet), Ruiz scored.86