53-80, 24-41 away
57-78, 29-38 home

Scoring Summary

1stK. Farmer tripled to right, India scored and Almora Jr. scored.20
1stHapp homered to left center (387 feet).21
3rdK. Farmer homered to left (374 feet).31
5thSuzuki homered to left center (375 feet), Rivas scored.33
6thMadrigal singled to right, Hoerner scored and Ortega scored, Morel to third.35
7thMorel singled to left center, Hoerner scored and Reyes scored, Higgins to second.37
7thSuzuki walked, Higgins scored, Madrigal to second, Morel to third.38
8thOrtega hit sacrifice fly to center, Hoerner scored.39