Scoring Summary


1stYelich homered to right (499 feet).10
1stRenfroe homered to center (440 feet), Adames scored.30
3rdMontero homered to left (374 feet).31
4thNarváez doubled to deep right, Peterson scored and Hiura scored.51
7thAdames doubled to left center, Mitchell scored.61
8thTrejo singled to center, Montero scored.62
8thDaza homered to center (422 feet), Trejo scored and McMahon scored.65
8thGrichuk homered to left (411 feet).66
10thAdames doubled to deep left center, Yelich scored.76
10thDaza doubled to deep left, McMahon scored.77
10thGrichuk homered to left (457 feet), Daza scored and Blackmon scored.710