Scoring Summary

2ndChapman singled to center, Kirk scored, Chapman to second.10
3rdBichette homered to right (366 feet), Springer scored.30
3rdRutschman doubled to left, Odor scored and Mateo scored, Mullins to third.32
3rdSantander grounded out to second, Mullins scored, Rutschman to third.33
3rdMountcastle singled to left, Rutschman scored.34
3rdHenderson singled to deep right, Mountcastle scored, Urías to third.35
5thChapman doubled to left, Bichette scored.45
6thMullins singled to right, Mateo scored.46
7thHernández grounded into double play, shortstop to second to first, Bichette scored, Kirk out at second.56
8thSantander walked, Odor scored, Rutschman to second, Mullins to third.57
8thMountcastle singled to left, Mullins scored and Rutschman scored, Mountcastle to second, McKenna to third.59
9thKirk singled to center, Bichette scored.69