Scoring Summary


1stDevers homered to center (425 feet), Pham scored, Verdugo scored and Bogaerts scored.40
3rdMullins homered to right (373 feet).41
4thPlawecki doubled to right, Hernández scored.51
4thVerdugo singled to right, Plawecki scored.61
4thDevers singled to center, Verdugo scored, Bogaerts to second.71
4thStory singled to right, Bogaerts scored, Devers thrown out at third.81
5thArroyo homered to left (396 feet), Martinez scored.101
5thMateo hit sacrifice fly to left, Henderson scored, Urías to third.102
5thMullins singled to left, Urías scored.103
8thStory singled to left, Almonte scored, Devers to second.113
8thMountcastle singled to deep left center, McKenna scored.114
9thAlmonte singled to right, Hernández scored, Plawecki to second.124
9thWong reached on infield single to catcher, Plawecki scored, Casas to second, Almonte to third.134
9thStory walked, Almonte scored, Wong to second, Casas to third.144
9thMartinez walked, Casas scored, Story to second, Wong to third.154
9thArroyo singled to left center, Wong scored, Martinez to second, Story to third.164
9thHernández singled to right, Story scored, Arroyo to second, Martinez to third.174
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