Scoring Summary


1stOhtani homered to right (388 feet), Moniak scored.20
2ndVelazquez homered to right (367 feet).30
3rdDubón homered to left (352 feet).31
3rdBregman homered to right (389 feet), Altuve scored, Peña scored and Alvarez scored.35
5thMancini homered to left (408 feet), Tucker scored and Gurriel scored.38
6thAltuve scored on Weiss wild pitch, Bregman to second on wild pitch by Weiss, Alvarez to third on wild pitch by Weiss.39
8thAlvarez homered to center (408 feet).310
8thTucker homered to right (391 feet), Bregman scored.312
9thMoniak doubled to deep right, Adell scored.412