96-43, 47-25 away
77-64, 38-31 home

Scoring Summary

2ndCronenworth homered to right (402 feet).01
3rdAzocar scored on error, Soto safe at first on fielding error by first baseman Freeman.02
5thJ. Turner homered to left (385 feet).12
5thTaylor homered to center (409 feet).22
6thMuncy singled to right, Betts scored and Freeman scored, Smith to third.42
7thT. Turner singled to center, Bellinger scored.52
7thMuncy walked, Betts scored, Smith to second, T. Turner to third.62
7thJ. Turner homered to left (411 feet), T. Turner scored, Smith scored and Muncy scored.102
9thT. Turner homered to left (402 feet).112