52-91, 29-43 away
62-81, 30-41 home

Scoring Summary

2ndGarcia homered to left (395 feet).10
2ndMathias homered to left (415 feet).11
2ndSemien homered to left center (430 feet), Heim scored and Solak scored.14
3rdMathias singled to center, Lowe scored.15
5thBrown homered to center (424 feet), Murphy scored.35
5thMachín doubled to left, Laureano scored.45
5thHeim homered to right center (427 feet), García scored.47
6thKemp homered to right (386 feet), Allen scored.67
9thMachín doubled to deep right, Neuse scored.77
9thMachín scored on error, Vogt safe at first on fielding error by shortstop Seager, Vogt to second.87