Scoring Summary

2ndW. Castro homered to right (376 feet).01
5thBarnhart, Baddoo safe at first on fielding error by first baseman Pasquantino.02
5thGreene doubled to deep right, Baddoo scored.03
5thBáez homered to left (379 feet), Greene scored.05
6thBarnhart singled to center, Candelario scored.06
7thReyes hit by pitch, Báez scored, Schoop to second, H. Castro to third.07
7thCandelario hit sacrifice fly to center, H. Castro scored.08
7thBarnhart doubled to deep right, Schoop scored, Reyes to third.09
7thKreidler singled to left, Reyes scored, Barnhart to third.010
8thO'Hearn doubled to left, Waters scored and Pasquantino scored.210
8thEaton doubled to right center, O'Hearn scored.310