Scoring Summary

1stPasquantino homered to right (375 feet).10
1stJ. Naylor doubled to deep left center, Ramírez scored and Rosario scored.12
1stBrennan singled to right, J. Naylor scored, González to third.13
1stMaile singled to right center, González scored, Brennan to third.14
2ndRamírez singled to right, Kwan scored.15
3rdStraw hit sacrifice fly to center, Brennan scored.16
5thIsbel homered to right (372 feet).26
6thRamírez singled to center, Straw scored.27
7thStraw singled to center, González scored, Straw to second, Maile to third.28
8thJ. Naylor singled to right, Arias scored.29