Scoring Summary


1stNaylor homered to right (413 feet), Rosario scored and Ramírez scored.03
2ndKwan tripled to right center, Straw scored.04
4thGordon reached on infield single to shortstop, Correa scored, Miranda to third.14
4thUrshela grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Miranda scored, Gordon out at second.24
6thGordon homered to right center (409 feet).34
6thRosario homered to left (382 feet), Straw scored and Kwan scored.37
7thMiranda grounded into double play, pitcher to shortstop to second to first, Arráez scored, Correa out at second.47
8thMaile homered to left (397 feet).48
8thRamírez singled to right, Straw scored, Rosario to third.49
8thNaylor walked, Rosario scored on López wild pitch, Ramírez to second.410
8thGiménez singled to center, Ramírez scored, Clement to second.411