Scoring Summary

1stWendle singled to center, Berti scored.01
5thJung homered to left (416 feet).11
5thSemien homered to left (417 feet), Thompson scored.31
5thLeblanc doubled to left, Bleday scored.32
5thBerti singled to center, De La Cruz scored and Leblanc scored, Williams to third.34
5thAnderson singled to right center, Williams scored, Berti to second.35
5thCooper doubled to deep right, Anderson scored and Berti scored.37
5thFortes singled to right, Cooper scored.38
5thLeblanc doubled to deep right, Fortes scored.39
6thBerti scored on error, Cooper safe at first on fielding error by third baseman Jung, Anderson to second.310
7thSemien tripled to deep right center, Thompson scored.410
7thSeager homered to left center (402 feet), Semien scored.610