Scoring Summary


2ndBohm homered to right center (385 feet), Castellanos scored.20
3rdTurner tripled to right, Marsh scored.30
3rdTurner scored on deGrom wild pitch.40
4thMarsh doubled to left, Bohm scored.50
4thHeim doubled to right, Seager scored and García scored, Jung to third.52
4thGrossman homered to right center (396 feet), Jung scored and Heim scored.55
4thLowe reached on infield single to pitcher, J. Smith scored, Seager to second, Semien to third.56
4thSemien scored, Lowe to second on passed ball by Realmuto, Seager to third on passed ball by Realmuto.57
4thGarcía singled to right, Seager scored and Lowe scored, García out stretching at second.59
5thBohm singled to center, Castellanos scored, Stott to third.69
5thMiller homered to left center (407 feet), Heim scored.611
7thHall grounded out to second, Realmuto scored.711