Scoring Summary


3rdTaylor homered to center (430 feet), Heyward scored.02
5thDíaz doubled to third, McMahon scored, Moustakas to third.12
5thCastro singled to right, Moustakas scored and Díaz scored.32
5thProfar grounded into double play, second to first, Castro scored, Trejo out at second.42
5thMartinez singled to left, Freeman scored and Smith scored, Muncy to second.44
5thOutman tripled to right, Muncy scored and Martinez scored.46
5thVargas singled to left, Outman scored.47
5thHeyward homered to right (391 feet), Vargas scored.49
7thOutman tripled to right, Martinez scored.410
7thHeyward hit sacrifice fly to center, Outman scored, Vargas to second.411
8thSmith homered to left center (390 feet), Freeman scored.413
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