Scoring Summary


1stRiley hit sacrifice fly to left, Acuña Jr. scored.01
3rdArcia homered to left (400 feet).02
4thCarpenter homered to right (365 feet), Bogaerts scored and Cronenworth scored.32
4thPillar singled to left, Murphy scored.33
4thOlson walked, Pillar scored, Acuña Jr. to second, Arcia to third.34
6thCronenworth homered to right center (412 feet).44
8thBogaerts scored on Yates wild pitch, Cronenworth to third on wild pitch by Yates.54
8thAzocar reached on bunt single to pitcher, Cronenworth scored on error, Azocar safe at third on throwing error by pitcher Yates.64
8thOlson singled to left, Arcia scored.65
8thd'Arnaud singled to right, Olson scored, Riley to third.66
9thArcia singled to center, Rosario scored.67
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