Scoring Summary


3rdProfar hit sacrifice fly to center, Trejo scored, Tovar to third.01
3rdBryant struck out swinging, Tovar scored, Blackmon caught stealing second, catcher to second to first to shortstop.02
4thBurleson tripled to center, Donovan scored.12
4thGoldschmidt singled to center, Burleson scored.22
4thMontero doubled to left, Díaz scored.23
4thTrejo singled to center, Montero scored, Trejo to second.24
6thGoldschmidt singled to left, Donovan scored.34
6thTrejo singled to left, Díaz scored, Montero to second.35
6thTovar doubled to left, Montero scored, Trejo to third.36
7thDaza reached on infield single to pitcher, Blackmon scored, McMahon to second, Bryant to third.37
9thGorman doubled to center, Goldschmidt scored.47
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