Scoring Summary


1stDavis hit sacrifice fly to right, Estrada scored.01
1stRuf doubled to center, Conforto scored.02
2ndFlores singled to right, Bart scored, Ramos to third.03
4thOutman singled to center, Martinez scored.13
4thBetts doubled to left, Peralta scored, Taylor to third.23
5thMuncy homered to center (410 feet).33
6thFreeman walked, Thompson scored, Betts to second, Taylor to third.43
6thSmith hit sacrifice fly to center, Taylor scored, Betts to third.53
6thMuncy homered to right (367 feet), Betts scored and Freeman scored.83
7thThompson homered to left center (426 feet), Vargas scored.103
7thFlores singled to right, Bart scored, Estrada to second.104
9thEstrada homered to left center (387 feet).105
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