Scoring Summary


2ndVoit doubled to left, Tellez scored, Anderson to third.10
2ndMiller singled to center, Anderson scored, Voit to third.20
2ndWiemer grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Voit scored, Miller out at second.30
2ndRaleigh homered to right center (392 feet).31
6thAnderson singled to left, Adames scored, Contreras to second.41
6thFrance doubled to center, Crawford scored.42
7thTurang homered to right center (398 feet).52
7thContreras singled to center, Yelich scored.62
8thRodríguez homered to right center (395 feet).63
9thTellez to home on error, Voit to first on fielding error by shortstop Crawford, Anderson to second.73
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