Scoring Summary


1stYelich homered to left (360 feet).10
3rdYelich singled to right, Miller scored.20
3rdAdames doubled to left, Yelich scored.30
3rdRaleigh doubled to right, Rodríguez scored and France scored, Suárez to third.32
3rdHernández hit sacrifice fly to center, Suárez scored, Raleigh to third.33
3rdLa Stella singled to left, Raleigh scored, Kelenic to third.34
6thAdames homered to right center (384 feet).44
10thTurang grounded into double play, second to shortstop to first, Mitchell scored, Caratini out at second.54
10thFrance hit sacrifice fly to center, Wong scored.55
11thAdames grounded out to shortstop, Wiemer scored, Contreras to second.65
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