Scoring Summary


1stSmith homered to left center (399 feet).01
2ndPeralta homered to right (401 feet), Outman scored and Vargas scored.04
3rdHeyward homered to center (413 feet).05
4thSchwarber homered to right (343 feet).15
4thFreeman singled to right, Busch scored and Betts scored, Freeman to second.17
4thSmith singled to right, Freeman scored.18
5thCastellanos singled to left, Stott scored and Turner scored on error, Castellanos safe at second on fielding error by left fielder Peralta, Schwarber safe at third on error.38
5thBetts hit a ground rule double, Peralta scored, Busch to third.39
6thBohm singled to center, Realmuto scored.49
7thBetts homered to center (408 feet), Busch scored.411
8thVargas grounded into fielder's choice to first, Muncy scored, Outman out at second, Heyward to third.412
8thPeralta singled to center, Heyward scored, Vargas to third.413
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