Scoring Summary


1stMuncy hit sacrifice fly to right, Freeman scored.01
2ndBetts singled to center, Outman scored and Vargas scored.03
4thTurner homered to center (420 feet).13
4thBetts singled to center, Vargas scored, Rojas to second.14
7thTaylor doubled to left, Betts scored and Smith scored, Muncy to third.16
7thVargas doubled to right, Muncy scored and Taylor scored.18
8thFreeman homered to right (396 feet), Busch scored.110
8thOutman singled to center, Muncy scored, Taylor to second.111
8thVargas singled to left, Taylor scored, Outman to second.112
8thBarnes walked, Outman scored, Rojas to second, Vargas to third.113
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