Scoring Summary


1stStott hit sacrifice fly to center, Turner scored.10
3rdCastellanos doubled to left, Harper scored.20
3rdBohm singled to center, Castellanos scored.30
3rdSosa singled to center, Bohm scored, Marsh to third.40
3rdStubbs reached on bunt single to third, Marsh scored, Sosa to second.50
3rdBetts singled to left, Peralta scored, Taylor to second.51
4thVargas homered to center (395 feet), Outman scored.53
7thFreeman hit sacrifice fly to right, Taylor scored.54
8thOutman scored on error and Vargas scored on error, Barnes safe at first on fielding error by third baseman Sosa.56
9thStott singled to left, Harper scored, Castellanos to second.66
9thMuncy homered to right (353 feet), Taylor scored, Freeman scored and Smith scored.610
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