Scoring Summary


1stContreras doubled to right, Arenado scored and Gorman scored.02
2ndThaiss singled to right, Rendon scored, Ward to third.12
2ndRengifo homered to right (362 feet), Ward scored and Thaiss scored.42
3rdLamb singled to right, Ohtani scored, Rendon to second, Renfroe to third.52
3rdWard hit sacrifice fly to right, Renfroe scored, Rendon to third.62
3rdThaiss singled to right, Rendon scored, Lamb to second.72
3rdPhillips singled to left, Lamb scored, Rengifo to second, Thaiss to third.82
3rdNeto singled to center, Rengifo scored and Thaiss scored, Phillips to second.102
4thRengifo hit sacrifice fly to center, Lamb scored, Ward to third.112
4thEdman homered to right (395 feet), Contreras scored and Carlson scored.115
6thGoldschmidt doubled to right, Edman scored and Nootbaar scored.117
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