Scoring Summary


2ndJones singled to left, Grichuk scored, Castro to second.01
2ndTrejo doubled to right, Castro scored, Jones to third.02
2ndBlackmon doubled to right, Jones scored and Trejo scored, Tovar to third.04
2ndProfar hit sacrifice fly to right, Tovar scored, Blackmon to third.05
3rdJones doubled to right, McMahon scored, Castro to third.06
4thAlonso homered to left center (415 feet).16
6thBaty doubled to left, McNeil scored, Alonso to third.26
6thMarte grounded out to third, Alonso scored, Baty to third.36
6thÁlvarez homered to left (435 feet), Canha scored and Vientos scored.66
7thMarte singled to right, McNeil scored.76
7thMcMahon homered to right (439 feet), Díaz scored.78
8thProfar tripled to right, Tovar scored.79
8thDíaz singled to center, Profar scored.710
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