Scoring Summary


1stCronenworth homered to right center (371 feet).10
1stJudge homered to left center (399 feet).11
2ndAzocar singled to center, Azocar scored on throwing error by catcher Higashioka and Kim scored on error.31
3rdVolpe singled to center, Higashioka scored, Volpe to second.32
3rdJudge singled to left, Volpe scored, Torres to second.33
3rdRizzo singled to right, Torres scored, Judge to second.34
3rdBader grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Judge scored, Rizzo out at second.35
3rdCalhoun doubled to center, Bader scored.36
3rdKiner-Falefa singled to left, Calhoun scored.37
3rdHigashioka doubled to center, Kiner-Falefa scored.38
7thOdor homered to right (389 feet), Carpenter scored.58
7thAzocar grounded into fielder's choice to second, Kim scored, Grisham out at third.68
8thBader homered to left center (393 feet).69
8thHigashioka singled to left, Kiner-Falefa scored.610
9thSullivan hit sacrifice fly to left, Kim scored.710
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