Scoring Summary


2ndHeyward homered to center (403 feet).01
3rdMeneses singled to left, Vargas scored, Candelario to second, Thomas to third.11
3rdMuncy hit a ground rule double, Betts scored, Freeman to third.12
3rdMartinez hit sacrifice fly to center, Freeman scored, Muncy to third.13
3rdHeyward singled to right, Muncy scored.14
7thRuiz homered to left (346 feet).24
7thGarcía singled to right, Thomas scored.34
7thMartinez homered to center (416 feet), Muncy scored.36
8thOutman scored on Thompson wild pitch, Rojas to second on wild pitch by Thompson.37
8thBetts grounded into double play, shortstop to second to first, Rojas scored, Barnes out at second.38
8thFreeman homered to center (399 feet).39
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