Scoring Summary


1stTrout homered to left center (461 feet), Moniak scored.20
2ndSheets hit sacrifice fly to right, Moncada scored.21
3rdOhtani homered to center (425 feet), Trout scored.41
3rdWalsh doubled to left, Ward scored and Thaiss scored, Urshela to third.61
4thOhtani homered to right center (459 feet), Moniak scored.81
7thWard homered to left center (386 feet), Ohtani scored.101
7thFrazier singled to center, Anderson scored.102
9thWallach homered to center (431 feet).112
9thWalsh doubled to right, Urshela scored.122
9thBurger homered to left (429 feet).123
9thAlberto doubled to right, Jiménez scored and Robert Jr. scored.125
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