Scoring Summary


1stBetts homered to left center (379 feet).01
1stSmith homered to center (386 feet), Freeman scored.03
2ndRuiz homered to center (397 feet).13
2ndAbrams homered to right center (371 feet).23
3rdCandelario singled to right, Meneses scored, Dickerson to third.33
3rdMuncy walked, Freeman scored, Martinez to second, Smith to third.34
5thCandelario homered to center (405 feet), Meneses scored.54
7thRojas singled to center, Taylor scored.55
8thGarcía homered to right (370 feet), Ruiz scored and Vargas scored.85
8thBetts homered to center (412 feet).86
9thRuiz homered to center (401 feet), Garrett scored.106
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