Scoring Summary


1stKelenic singled to center, Rodríguez scored, Hernández to third.10
1stSeager singled to center, Semien scored.11
1stHeim doubled to left, García scored and Seager scored.13
2ndSeager doubled to right, Semien scored and Duran scored.15
2ndLowe singled to center, Seager scored.16
4thCaballero doubled to left, Murphy scored, Pollock to third.26
4thRodríguez grounded into fielder's choice to second, Pollock scored, Crawford out at second, Caballero to third.36
4thGarcía reached on infield single to third, Semien scored.37
5thTaveras homered to left (408 feet), Heim scored and Duran scored.310
7thSemien homered to left (402 feet), Garver scored and J. Smith scored.313
7thLowe homered to right center (387 feet), Seager scored.315
8thGarver homered to left center (432 feet).316
9thFrance singled to right, Caballero scored.416
9thHernández reached on infield single to second, France scored and Haggerty scored.616
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